Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

The Phase I ESA involves evaluations of potential risk or liability in association with on-site hazardous waste or petroleum contamination, migration of contamination from surrounding properties, and on-site regulatory compliance.

Grant performs the initial investigation to identify potential areas of contamination by reviewing past land use and current activities conducted on-site and at adjacent properties. The Phase I ESA involves some or all of the following activities:

  • Site┬áreconnaissance
  • Review of chemical use and storage practices
  • Interviews with property management and personnel
  • Evaluation of surrounding properties
  • State, county, and local municipal records review
  • Historical aerial photography review
  • Historical document review
  • Sampling for asbestos, lead-based paint, radon gas, water quality, and mold, if required by the scope of work.

Based on the information gathered during the Phase I ESA, Grant will prepare a detailed report summarizing the findings and providing professional opinions regarding the potential for an environmental concern to be present at the site. As necessary, Grant will make recommendations for additional assessment or corrective measures and can provide associated cost estimates.