Environmental Site Assess

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) focus on identifying potential environmental liabilities associated with a commercial property based on extensive research of current and historical land use, ownership, and business operations. Critical business decisions are made based on the data generated by the ESA process. Therefore, they require extreme care and diligence in their execution.

ESAs conducted by Grant are completed by a team of highly qualified professionals with a diverse set of complementary skills and expertise. Each project is assigned to a single dedicated project director, who is personally available to the client throughout the process.

All sources of information employed during the assessment are examined for accuracy. All professional opinions are carefully detailed, clearly illustrating the factors involved in formulating conclusions and subsequent recommendations. All final reports undergo a thorough technical peer review, followed by a final review by the project professional. This process ensures the quality and accuracy of the information presented as well as ensuring that the assessment report remains significant and relevant over time.

Developing a strong investment portfolio requires insight into the wide range of potential environmental liabilities that may be associated with commercial property acquisition and finance. Grant understands the complexities of environmental liability and can assist in eliminating regulatory barriers to commercial property transfers.